Process Notes
Idea generation
This piece is about irresponsible behaviour, blatant disregard for the effect of one's actions. I read articles about the development going on in Northern Canada and took notes on the points that resonated with me.
Compositional thumbnails
The emotions I wanted this image to convey were despair, disappointment, and dismay. I'm still not convinced that the specific intentions from this stage carry through to the final. I do know that this step helps me work through solutions to arrive at something less obvious than my original idea.
Below you can see the ideas starting to settle on what became the final imagery.
Once the layout has been selected I start doing sketches exploring different parts of the scene. This is an opportunity to do some research, play around and figure out how each element should be treated in the finished image.
Some of these sketches are from when the plan involved more obvious imagery. Even the unused illustrations end up contributing to the final in some way.
Digital painting
A study is done to determine how the colours will work in the final image. 
A rough sketch of the landscape was scanned and painted digitally to help work this out. 
As I work on the final I like to keep these studies around to remind me of solutions that have already been found. It helps keep the work moving smoothly towards a finish.
Proceeding to final image
Here are a few snapshots as colour and shadows were added to the composition.

Keep it going